Portrait FAQ's

What’s the best thing to wear to the photography session?

Always wear something that you are comfortable in. When we say that, we don't mean tracksuit bottoms and a vest! Just something that you'd normally wear, ideally an outfit that you'd go shopping in and one that you'd go out for a nice meal in.


How long will the session take?

We book an hour out in the studio diary. Usually we can create a range of images in about half an hour. Especially with young children, they do have a limited attention span, so we always make sure we get a range of images at first. Then if the kids let us, we can carry on and create more. With groups of older children and adults, again, in about half an hour we can create a real nice range of images for you.


Can you do the photograph outside?

This is possible, but we'd have to work out a specific price based on the location of the session and plan it around the weather, which is always a challenge. Please call or email the studio to run your ideas by us and we'd be happy to provide a price for your consideration.


Why do you take my card details when we book?

Our studio is very busy, so we can't have people making 'I'm sure it will be okay' bookings. As we could very well have booked that slot 3 times over. So we take card details and store them on our secure system when taking a booking. We do reserve the right to take a £25 no show fee should you simply not turn up to the session. We do always call a day or so before to confirm the appointment. If anything crops up and you need to change the session, all we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible by calling or emails us.


Can we bring our pet?

Yeah they are part of the family! As long as they are clean and dry, then they are more than welcome to join in with your family photography. Please be sure to let us know when booking the photograph session.


Can we have different combinations of our family group taken?

Yes. We always create a range of images of different group combinations. That way you'll have the widest range to choose from when you come back to order them.


Do we have to come to the studio to view and order the images?

Yes. We insist on a personal service and the only way to provide this is face to face.


What are your prices when we come back to place our order?

We have a wide range of wall displays, freestanding framed images and digital albums (images on USB) to choose from when you are at the ordering session. Our prices range between £1,250 - £75, and everything else in between.

Everything you order is hand made from scratch and to your specifications, so you are investing in great quality displays that will last a lifetime.


How long will it take for my order to be ready?

From the date of order the turn around is usually 4 weeks. We can make exceptions for birthdays and special occasions to turn orders around quicker. The same applies for Christmas, we work fast and long hours to make sure all orders are ready in time. We will advise you at the point of booking if we wont be able to get orders ready for the times you require.